Cultural and leisure program

CRCE is an educational institution dedicated in providing enriched learning experiences that promote not only “new skills for new jobs” but also intercultural awareness, tolerance and communication. By providing immersive learning experiences in new environments (different countries, different international experts) combined with regular reflection and coaching opportunities, CRCE helps participants and beneficiaries build solid foundations for the future – in their academic careers, entry into the labour market or simply as responsible and tolerant members of the larger community.

In all our courses and activities we are focused on increasing intercultural competence: the ability to engage effectively and appropriately within different cultural settings, whether encountered locally or in an international setting. Using experiential and structured learning methods, all participants have the chance to broaden their perspectives and learn from each other, developing their communication skills in the process. The result effect is solid preparation to live, work and lead in a diverse global society.

In all our activities we combine our courses hours with social activities and community intercultural learning (community specific places, traditions and customs).

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