CRCE mission is to provide learning experience for adults across Europe.

Adults can learn from each other, develop personally and professionally, build new strategic partnerships and future steps for their organisations, associations, public and private institutions, communities.

Through teaching and training assignments, international or national workshops opportunities, community actions – adult professionals exchange experiences and best practices in different fields and develop, grew and adapt new strategies or policies in their field of activity.

Adult educational opportunities provided by CRCE (within the Erasmus +, EU) are addressed to professionals, educators, policy makers and trainers.

CRCE contribute to Adult Education development by organizing programs, workshops, courses (ERASMUS+) for professionals in various fields. The beneficiaries meet and work with our experts in Germany, Romania, Italy, France or Belgium for developing new strategies, tasks and frameworks related to their profession, learning and teaching methods related to their fields of expertise. The beneficiaries are also encouraged to create common projects or initiatives.

More adult learning and more international exchanges can help Europe overcome the economic crisis, meet the need for new skills, keep its ageing workforce productive and develop “new skills for new jobs” for the new generation.

Learning is the essential key for social inclusion, active citizenship and a solider Europe. These days, people cannot just rely on skills they acquired in a formal education system. Adults have to be in an on-going process of learning, in all until their working life.

As in EU statistics is pointed, participation rates are especially disappointing for low-skilled and older adults. CRCE is increasing knowledge about successful policies, provide support to individuals and institutions and enable a better exchange of experiences between countries and professionals in order to contribute to a better Europe.