Second Chance Employment European Re-Training Adult Module (SCE-TRAMEUR) Project

ERASMUS+/Strategic Partnership for Adult Education

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project no 2018-1-TR01-KA204-058630

Implementation period: 01.10.2018-31.09.2020 (24 months)




Centrul de Resurse si Consultanta in Educatie (Iasi/Romania)


Bildung Centrum Nies (Dorsten/Germany)

IES BEZMILIANA (Rincón de la Victoria/Spain)



Facebook page: Erasmus+ Sce-Trameur

Website: Second Chance Employment

Instagram: SCE-Trameur

The present learning partnership project proposal aims at enforcing its participating organizations (different adult education providers) with the capacity of developing specific short programs (“TRAMEUR” Modules in tangible and electronic formats) that contribute to the reinforcement of the links between education and labour market, in the actual social change of Europe. The budget for the 2 years activities is 82,870 Euro, under the coordination of the National Education Directorate of the Basiskele District (Turkey) and with the mentioned partners.

The target group of the project is women, disabled, old prisoners, former detainees, and unemployed novels with economic difficulties, those living in neighbourhoods at risk of poverty, especially if they raise their children alone or do not work due to childcare responsibilities.

The aim of the project is to increase the employability of these people, facilitate access to the labour market, establish business and ensure social integration by raising awareness in the environment.

The objectives of the project are the following:
Objective 1: improve the capacity of Erasmus + professionals to formulate, elaborate and institutionally integrate the short online learning and traditional learning modules, SCE-TRAMEUR modules that foster the learning context for skills and abilities with regard to inclusion socio-economic status in the labour market.

Objective 2: increase the achievements of adult students in the framework of strengthening the links between education and working life through the concept of modules SCE-TRAMEUR applied to marginalized people according to their skills, competencies, formal education and needs of the labour market (to analyse and adapt the compilation of modules SCE-TRAMEUR to the characteristics and needs of students).

Objective 3: Contribute to the recognition of the non-formal and informal education of the participants of the association, which will be achieved through individual European mobility (be it professional staff, trainers, teachers, people involved) or contribute to the level of institutional development of the LLP (Responsible for the design of a curriculum for better professional programs dedicated to reintegrating marginalized people in the labour market).
The objectives address the need to increase the efficiency, the attractively, the accessibility of short professional re-training modules (either e-Learning formats or more conventional ones) towards their adding value to an increase of marginalized people’s employability, according with new jobs appearance on the labour market.

To achieve the objectives of learning providers within this partnership, the project will develop specific modules “SCE-TRAMEUR” (according to the background of each partner) for people at risk of social exclusion (mostly low-level adults) educational).


  • The kick-off meeting was held in Izmit, Turkey, 11-12.01.2019.  For photos click here.
  • The second meeting was held in Rincón de la Victoria, Spain, 26-27.04.2019. For photos click here.
  • The third meeting was held in Lanusei, Sardegna, Italy, 11-12.09.2019. For photos click here.
  • The fourth meeting was held in Dorsten, Germany, 28-29.01.2020. For photos click here.
  • Online meeting, June 18, 2021. For photos click here.
  • The fifth meeting was held in Vilnius, Lithuania, 26-28.08.2021. For photos click here.