TRUST – Therapy through Reading and Use of Story Telling Contract number: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000028402

Project dates: 01 December 2021 – 30 November 2023

The general objective of TRUST is to reduce social exclusion of seniors over 55 years old, women from rural areas and migrants coming from marginalised contexts through reading and storytelling. The main objective of our project is to create a long-term empowerment support model regarding social inclusion for this underprivileged. More specifically, the project aims to create and apply an integrated system where trainers, health-care workers and volunteers can work together for providing seniors and migrants inclusive and all-encompassing service.


Specific Objective1: Realising an empowerment co-creating educational model of reading and storytelling for a minimum 60 learners from different social groups, in 22 months of the current project.

Specific Objective 2: Intervention on the social growing to fight deprivation of around 125 beneficiary using reading and Story Telling during 20 months of the project

Specific Objective 3: Enable the 5 partner organizations to implement monthly activities of social inclusion and growing self-esteem for minimum 200 direct and indirect beneficiary during 22 months of the project.

Target Groups

Each partner organization will work with different target groups.

ADAM Moldovita will work directly with women from rural areas that will provide services to seniors.

The target group for Form2 you, Portugal will be people, mainly women who live in Sintra or nearby who are in a situation of exclusion and marginalized by society, parents of students from Carlos school.

The target group in Bulgaria will consist of women, mainly seniors, who are members of the organization Narodno Chitalishte”Arhimandit Dositey-1902 ” in the village of Dositeevo.

Vatra Limburg, from Belgium will work with parents with migration background that recently moved to Belgium

CRCE, Romania will have as learner’s adults with pedagogical/social working background – involved into community development activities (In rural areas).


  • Transnational project meetings for project management;
  • Non-formal training activities for proposed target groups (Story Telling Method, ICT tools for reading) with the aim to increase social inclusion;


Form2you Portugal

Narodno chitalishte “Arhimandrid Dositey-1908” Bulgaria

Vatra Limburg Belgium

ADAM Moldovita Romania

TRUST Facebook Page: TRUST, “Therapy through Reading and Storytelling”, KA204, Erasmus +